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Get more out of TERA each time you play!

$14.99 per month

Exclusive Perks

Razormane Mount

The exclusive Razormane mount is not available by any other means. It stars as the new mount for elite players.


Receive daily boosts for XP, gold, and reputation.

Store Discounts

Elite players enjoy exclusive discounts on items in the TERA store.

Bundle of Items

Potions to boost your prowess and an Instance Reset Scroll to help familiarize yourself with those dungeons.

Convenience Items

Travel Journal

Bookmark up to five distinct travel locations.

Crafter’s Cure

One potion a day to help you out with your production points.

Village Atlas

Travel around to main TERA hubs with ease! Along with the one provided on your elite bar, you’ll be set with both your main character and your alts.

Enhanced Gameplay

  • Benefits
  • Dungeon Entries
  • Bonus Dungeon Rewards
  • Daily Bonus Quests
  • Send Gold via Parcel Pst
  • Brokerage Postings (Simultaneous)
  • Brokerage Listing Fee (Earnest)
  • Brokerage Sales Fee
  • Standard
  • Default
  • 1 Valkyon's Response
  • 10 per day
  • 10 gold cap per message
  • 10
  • 5%
  • 15%
  • Elite Status
  • Shortened Cool Downs
  • 2 Valkyon's Response
  • 20 per day
  • Unlimited
  • 50
  • 0%
  • 10%
  • Elite Status
  • More Dungeon Entries
  • Double Valkyon’s Responses
  • Twice the Daily Quests
  • No Gold Cap via Parcel Post
  • 50 Brokerage Postings
  • No Brokerage Listing Fees
  • Lower Brokerage Sales Fees

Elite status gives you more rewards for everything that makes TERA great: the true action combat and the immense, beautiful world. Become elite today!


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